Member: User_bdde2e
Jan 3 2018
Member: User_bdde2e
uh huh
Nov 24 2017
Member: leopzdas
great advice
Nov 9 2017
Member: Tom
Stellar thinker and advisor. Thank you so much!
Sep 21 2017
Member: Tom
Thoughtful consideration was given to each and every question. Thank you so much!
Sep 12 2017
Member: aamina_m
Aug 23 2017
Member: Tom
Skilled adviser. Also, helpful in guiding the conversation to a completely satisfactory and positive conclusion. Thank you so much!
Aug 20 2017
Member: Tom
Very passionate about giving the best services possible to each and every client. Thank you so much!
Aug 1 2017
Member: Tom
One of the most skillful professionals on this website and a compliment to the benefits that the internet can bring in serving others via the "helping professions." Good person to contact! Way to go!
Jul 24 2017
Member: kmt92669
Excellent advice! I will contact him again.
Jun 29 2017

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