Member: User_khcmxb
I didn't feel like she was picking up on my situation. I preferctjerspists that are more on the insightful side. She is nice, but we weren't a good fit. I felt like she wasn't quick to connect the dots.
Mar 2 2017
Member: Mike
Great session
Jun 27 2016
Member: Mary
Amazing help
Jun 15 2016
Member: Antonio
It was really helpful and understanding
Jun 5 2016
Member: Antonio
Very helpful
Jun 5 2016
Member: ladycilia
actually very insightful. and i am not the easiest to please.
Jun 5 2016
Member: Stuart
Very thoughtful and helpful!
Feb 23 2016
Member: User_98tefi
Wow. She asked good questions that got to the heart of my issues. Thanks.
Dec 7 2015
Member: Paul
great thank you
Nov 10 2015
Member: echo
Excellent session. Lavinia was easy to chat to, a good listener, knowledgeable and really helpful. I recommend.
Jun 10 2015

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