Member: ghazanellie
She really helped me during this difficult time. I cannot thank her enough! ????
Jul 28 2023
Member: User_vnumwz
Very in-tune and very helpful.
Feb 26 2023
Member: Renard
Finally, Brilliant attune help! Gave multiple epiphanies! Thanks from Dr R., MD
Jun 25 2022
Member: User_5009774
I had a psychic addiction- which I tried to kick- she gave me an option to go spiritually- that was a red flag - and she kept going on fluff words not getting to the point to waste minutes- I had to hang up when I knew I wasn't getting help
Apr 24 2022
Member: Tom
Wendelin Comey took time to listen to my thoughts and offer solid feedback. Great job! Thank you so much!
Apr 18 2022
Member: John
Good conversation and gave me lots to think about and suggested courses of action.
Oct 14 2021
Member: Tom
Insightful. Thank you so much!
Sep 11 2021
Member: Tom
Professional. Thoughtful. Thank you!
May 7 2021
Member: Tom
Kindly and very professional advice. Thank you so much!
May 5 2021
Member: Tom
So professional and insightful too. Amazing session. A must stop for terrific insights. Thank you so much!
Mar 25 2021

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