Member: san2004
Very slow and no details.
Jul 18 2015
Member: imike24
Jul 16 2015
Member: User_hbs9pd
She picked up lo. Thank you very much.
Jul 3 2015
Member: san2004
Thank you.
Jun 30 2015
Member: fizz
she is good..evernthou her english is abit difficult for me to understand..but i know what she try to tell me thanks dear. hope all goes well as predicted will visit u soon xoxo
Jun 26 2015
Member: User_td9thb
excellent .reading ... but slow
Jun 15 2015
Member: Ant
great thanks
Jun 14 2015
Member: User_83de42
May 30 2015
Member: User_5934g4
Not very good use of Englidh language and adivce was poor not related to my questions.
May 24 2015
Member: classicstyle
May 19 2015

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