PrestoExperts's Messenger

Your own private Virtual Office

Specifically designed for PrestoExperts experts, the messenger allows you to experience real-time communication with your clients over the Internet.

With the messenger, you can:

  • Conduct Live Sessions with clients via Live Chat
  • Easily access your PrestoExperts account
  • Control your online availability status
  • Improve your positioning within your category
  • Improve your rank by boosting your availability for Live Chat
  • Share files during a Live Session

Bring your virtual office to life, download the Messenger now! (See download instructions below)

Current Version:
Release Date:
Download Size:
Supported Operating Systems: XP ,Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Download and Installation Instructions:

1) To begin, click the “Download Now” link above.

2) When download is complete, another pop-up box will appear. Select the "Run" button a second time.

3) Once the Installation Setup starts, click the "Next" button.

4) After reading the Software License Agreements, click "Yes".

5) Click the "Browse" button to select the software destination. Alternately, you may click the "Next" button to continue if you approve of the default destination.

6) To finish, simply click "Close" once the installation complete.

7) When the messenger asks you for your sign-in information, it is referring to the same email address and password you entered when you first registered at PrestoExperts. Note: If you are the only one using your computer, we recommend checking the “Remember my password” check box. Doing so will enable the messenger to launch itself automatically each time you connect to the Internet. If other people have access to your computer, leave the box unchecked. In doing so, the messenger will prompt you to enter your email and password each time you login to your computer and an Internet connection is established.

8) After signing-in, the application will appear as the PrestoExperts logo located on the taskbar, as pictured below.

Learn more about the Expert Messenger and why it's important to Make Yourself Available.

Click here to begin the download process.

If you have any problems downloading or installing the messenger please contact us

Please Notice

If you have been using the Expert Messenger software, we invite you, our advisors, to download and start using the new Expert Messenger software. Both messaging systems will function for the time being, but the Expert Messenger will provide you with the feel of the new site and we recommend getting acquainted with it.

Please note that it is not possible to run both the Expert Messenger and the Expert Messenger at the same time and therefore, in order to prevent confusion, we recommend uninstalling the Expert Messenger prior to downloading the Expert Messenger.

To uninstall the Expert Messenger, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Under the 'Start' menu, please click on 'Control Panel'
  • 2. Under the 'Control Panel', please click on 'Uninstall a program'
  • 3. From the list of programs, please double click on 'Expert Messenger'
  • 4. You will receive a pop up message confirming that you wish to uninstall the program, please click 'Yes'