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A Certified Law Officer with 23 years of experience in Local, State and Federal laws. I specialize in Criminal & Civil Laws, Divorce & Family Court and Traffic Violations.


Certifed Police Officer. Certified in Accident Investigations Certified in Crime Scene Investigator

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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS...OR GO HERE..JAIL Have you had an encounter with the Police and can't afford an Attorney? The Law is here to give advice from experience Street Officer on any problem to the best of my ability. The 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments are the most important rights that you have. Cops need probable cause before they can do anything to you. Tell me your problem and I will advise you on what to say or do. My experience includes Accidents, Assault, Arson, Burglary, DUI, Domestic Violence, Miranda, Speeding Tickets, and much much more. Most problems start with a TRAFFIC STOP. MY MISSION Is to help the NEEDY... .... Everyone has rights. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. I ALSO PROVIDE ADVICE ON SMALL CLAIMS, INSURANCE LAWS, ACCIDENTS AND PERSONAL INJURY, WILLS AND TRUSTS, LEGAL RESEARCH AND CHILD SUPPORT.

Experience & Qualifications

Experience:: Enfored Local, State, And Federal Laws For 23yrs. Have worked with DEA and FBI. Supervisor of Investigations for 10 years and Capt of Patrol Operations. Qualifications: I have 23 years of experience with more 2000 hrs of law enforcement training. As a Criminal Investigator, I have been involved with hundres of Felony Cases and Presentation of Cases to the Grand Jury. I have worked with DEA, ATF and FBI on many cases ranging for Hate Crimes, Drugs and Weapons Violations.I am well versed in search warrant affidavits as well as many other aspects of the Legal Profession. As a Certified Accident Invistigator, I have worked over 1000 Accidents which makes me very familiar with Insurance Laws and have worked with all the Major Insurance Companies on Claims and Criminal and Personal Cases. I am an Expert in Case Preparation. I can lead you in the right direction. "THE LAW "