Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA

Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA Online
Expert in:
Professional Counseling

Will engage you with therapeutic questions. Experienced with Disasters, Isolation, Anxiety, Sexual, Social and Relationship Issues, and give you new angles and feedback.


State pychologist license is current: MA., Ed and Graduated the advanced graduate degree program in School Psychology (Univ of MASS-Boston also LPA (Licensed Psychological Associate

My Expert Service

You are my sincere focus and interest and look forward to making our important connection. I use DBT, Gestault, CBT , lots of active questioning and exercise techniques. Since grad school to become a Psychologist, many diverse personal and professional relationships have made me competent and compassionate.
Enhance your decision-making, control of emotions, mindfulness, social relations and security within relationships. I give feedback on what I hear from you and also add new insights and ideas. I am able to play the role of the 'other' and we can 'try out' strategies and practice techniques that give a multitude of mental strengths and are conducive to relaxation, pleasure and happiness.
Benefits and Therapist skills: Collaboration may include:
••• Steps to deal with past or present Trauma
••• Career to Relationship Decisions
••• Applying techniques and exercises to maximize depth and speed of insights/skills/confidence....
••• Immediate feedback
••• Relating with deep understanding to your emotions and concerns
••• Increasing happiness through mindfulness, appreciation, wisdom, energizing and understanding
••• Discovery of new angles and perspective on issues
••• Motivational interviewing and Dialectical Behavior techniques
••• Help you to actually feel less anxiety
••• Readily realize you are not alone and have genuine help
••• Feel purpose, confidence, peace and centered
••• Find what matters and what brings happiness
••• Specific actions to improve and make relationship connections
••• Navigate through a complex or serious problem or hardship
••• Learn how to self-validate and make 'lemonade out of lemons'
••• Set limits, protect your self-interests, shine with your 'principals'

Experience & Qualifications

I am a reader and 'thinker' and keep up with much new information in Science, Medicine, and Psychology.

As a school psychologist county provider, I not only worked with the students but also staff with much stress, unhappiness, anger management, fear of unemployment and workplace issues.

I have worked as an outpatient therapist and currently work as a consultant for Autistic teens and adults.

I continue to study medical research, pharmacology, mindfulness, new neuro-psychological research and techniques conducive to improving mental health, mood and cognition.