Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA

Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA Online
Expert in:
Sex Therapy

Experienced with variety of sexual issues from size concerns, Dominance/Submission, Fetishes, Cuckholding, Cross-dressing, taboos, Non-Judgmental professional ,age 18 only


State pychologist license is current: MA., Ed and Graduated the advanced graduate degree program in School Psychology (Univ of MASS-Boston also LPA (Licensed Psychological Associate

My Expert Service

No matter what your issue we get greater perspective and if applicable come up with strategies. Experienced with large variety of sexual issues from 'religious, size, cuckholding, cross-dressing, infantilism, partner finding, emotional duress, separation and more..' Our conversation is 100% of professional- informational/educational nature.

Experience & Qualifications

Worked in general counseling to school psychology. Marriage and family counseling. Well read and listen to various sex therapy programs and national experts. Male PHD partner provides regular consults as per state requirements.