Master's degree in Social Work, MSW License in Social Work, LSW

My Expert Service

My name is Lori Burke, LSW. I have worked with individuals, couples and families for over 15 years. I specialize in Relationship Issues, Sexuality, Crisis Intervention and other various mental health disorders such as Anxiety Attacks, Panic Disorder, Trauma and Depression. Each client I serve is provided with a unique intervention, tailored specifically around their presenting issue, crisis, or concern. I use a supportive, strength-based, nonjudgmental approach to identify the problem areas and desired changes, using cognitive-behavioral strategies. All of my sessions are conducted with the utmost respect, care and confidence. I completely enjoy my online career as a seasoned, professional counselor and take pride in being able to assist my clientele in alleviating any mental health issue, relationship problem, or any other dilemma that they are currently experiencing. Finally, I will also work with couples if needed and/or requested, in order to improve interactions with one another, assist in creating the most meaningful, happy and solid connections; as well as aiding them in making difficult, lifelong decisions surrounding preserving and maintaining their current partnership, or choosing to move on independently. Whatever the issue presented, I work diligently to support my clients in achieving their desired goals, despite the intensity of any given situation.

Experience & Qualifications

For the past thirteen years, I have provided cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as psycho- educational techniques to all of my clients that I serve. Also, highly experienced in crisis intervention, behavior modification, providing support.