I have professional training/degree in social work - BSW-MSW (1983) I am currently licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have over 20 years experience. Strategic Intervention Life Coach. Marriage Education Coach

My Expert Service

I consider myself a Life Coach and Therapist with strategic tools that empower, focus on a specific outcome, solve a particular problem and improve relationships. I believe the primary goal of counseling is increased self-awareness. You may have parts of yourself that you are unconscious of, that you don't understand of that you believe that you can't change.

Experience & Qualifications

Extensive training in focused approaches to change and healing. 20 years experience in my private practice…. Individuals, couples, family…. supervision for counselors. Specializing in empowerment and authentic power. Issues include: healthy eating, empowerment of women, self-love, joyful dating, loving relationships, joy of parenting, spiritual discovery, crisis as an opportunity, physical opportunities, personal development, emotional discovery and communication across barriers.