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Professional Counseling
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Unhappy? Worried? Ready for a second opinion or new perspective? I can help! Professional Psychologist to help you in an affordable way.


Licensed Psychologist with private practice and University Professor of Psychology.

My Expert Service

I can help you to feel better about common life’s problems that you might believe have no solution. I can offer advice on romance, parenting, children disorders and any other doubt about psychological issues. Note: I don't offer assistance for: Depression, or diagnosed anxiety disorders. Pls seek professional assistance in person for these disorders, consult your doctor if you feel bad at this moment. I don't offer sex therapy either.

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 15 years practicing clinical and educational psychology. Since 2003, I am helping people in an affordable way with online counseling. I will be glad to assist you in everything related to Psychology and Education. Help with second opinions about relationships issues, or guidance to strengthen some personality traits. Counseling to get through common life problems with your partner, family, work or your social life, I will be happy to discuss the issues that are causing you stress, and together we can work towards a change that will make you happy. As a licensed psychologist I’m a professional trained with clinical skills to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues. I can also help you learn to handle work related stressful situations that you may be having. Note- if you have been depressed, angry or anxious for a long time. Or, need help for a chronic condition that is interfering with your life or physical health, please seek consultation in person with a professional near you. I don’t give online counseling for depression, anxiety, or opinions to customers who are taking medication for mental disorders. Sorry I do not diagnose a condition or give second opinions about chronic mental disorders.