Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA

Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA Away
Expert in:
Counseling for Students

Difficulties with negotiating the path to a decent job, the demands of school/work or romantic issues given transient conditions? I can help with these issue and more-


MA., Ed and Graduated the advanced graduate degree program in School Psychology (Univ of MASS-Boston also LPA (Licensed Psychological Associate

My Expert Service

In addition to general licensure I am dual licensed in School Psychology so have much experience with the myriad issues for students. I can help with academic, social/sexual and the difficulties with financial stressors.

Experience & Qualifications

5 yrs school psychologist (i covered ALL psych needs as the ONLY provider) Studied Tibetan Buddhism and mindfulness as additional ways to improve life appreciation and understandings. Currently partnered with PHD consultant in outpatient clinic, diagnose and treat teens and adults with mental health concerns and/or illnesses. Avid reader of scientific journals in Neuro-psychology, Psychiatry and medical research.