Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA

Wendelin Comen, Psychologist-LPA Online
Expert in:
Coping with Crisis & Physical Conditions

Oriented toward practical clear steps, expanded understanding and getting best plan possible in order to overcome obstacles, solve severe difficulties and crisis.


MA., Ed and Graduated the advanced graduate degree program in School Psychology (Univ of MASS-Boston . Thus, I have a total of 3 full time years study at the masters/advance masters level.

My Expert Service

Situation sized up, clarified. We come up with a plan. Practical and any emotional considerations are taken into account. Look at the positives-negatives and all consequences to help make important decisions and come up with strategies.

Experience & Qualifications

5 yrs school psychologist (i covered ALL psych needs as the ONLY provider) Studied Zen buddhism and mindfulness 20 years. Therapist for PTSD, Anxiety, Borderline, conduct disorders in children, taught learning disabled, ESL,