Master's degree in Social Work

My Expert Service

My name is Lori Burke, LSW. I have worked with families for thirteen years. I specialize in working with children who are suffering from ADHD,ADD, Post Traumatic Stress, an inability to cope with everyday stressors, as well as children who are oppositional and defiant. In addition, I use a supportive, strength based approach when working with the parents in order to aid them through the process of changing their ability to interact, cope and modify their children's behavior. Finally, I believe that many children suffer from self-esteem issues; and consequently, act out in a negative manner in their home and academic environments. It is my personal and professional goal to empower these children to believe in themselves, and ultimately turn their negative behaviors into positive as I aid them in changing their thinking about themselves, their families and their environments. Finally, I work with families to improve their relationships with one another in order to create a peaceful and stress free home environment for all to exist in with one another.

Experience & Qualifications

For the past thirteen years, I have worked with families, providing crisis intervention,behavior modification, support, coping skills, anger management skills, stress reduction, and positive reinforcement.