I received my Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin -Madison in 1975. I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from Washington University , St. Louis, Missouri in 1978.

My Expert Service

Many problems can be solved with the help of a trained ear. I've been a therapist for thirty years. I work with Adolescents, Individuals, Couples, and Families. I have experience with: Abuse; Addiction; Anger; Anxiety; Artist's concerns; Bipolar issues; Communication; Crisis; Death and dying; Decision making; Depression; Disabilities; Distancing oneself from others; Family concerns; Feeling dissociated or as if the present is foggy or unreal; Feelings of low self esteem or inadequacy; Gay, lesbian, bisexual concerns; Life changes; Grief; Illness; Marital concerns; Military service members' issues; Nonconformist's concerns; Personality disorders; Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); Preoccupation with/reliving painful events; Reclusiveness; Sexual identity concerns; and Trauma; I also have Resources available regarding all of the above; and, if there's something I don't have or know; I can find it out

Experience & Qualifications

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have a Bachelors Degree with a Major in Psychology from The University of Wisconsin -Madison and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been licensed in the state of Massachusetts and now have my licensure in Florida. I have been a therapist since 1978. I started my career in Massachusetts working as a therapist in a community mental health center working with people who were unemployed or could not afford treatment by a therapist who charged fees; then worked in a medical center with folks who were employed and having situational problems in their worklife, social, or family life; and then went into private practice back in 1990. I have worked in a hospice program; a program for women incarcerated for drug involvement; a family treatment center with children and families; an alternative high school setting for delinquent court involved adolescents; a residential setting for homeless alcoholic/drug addicted individuals; an outreach program for those with chronic mental illness unable to care for themselves; with couples required to attend counseling prior to being granted annulment; and for an employee assistance program contracted by The Department of Defense to assist active duty military and their families I am a Certified Trauma Specialist, a Certified Hypnotherapist with a specialization in treatment of trauma, a Certified EMDR Practitioner (Parts I and II), and a Certified Gestalt Therapist I have had training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,. I have been trained in Brief Situational Therapy. These days alot of the therapy that is done is Brief Situational Goal Focused Therapy. This can be a valuable and effective form of treatment for many individuals.