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If you're unable to sleep, if your life lacks happiness, joy and abundance, or if you often find yourself anxious and depressed, I can help! My work centers around providing a non-judgmental space for you to realign with yourself.


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Top Rated
Top Rated
"Helpful,insightful and quick to the point...everything necessary for a successful online session"
"Wonderful I have only spoken with one other counselor and A just blows her away."

Experience & Qualifications

Very often we go through challenges that we are unable to overcome ourselves - it could be a break-up, a divorce, school or work pressure, loneliness or a spiritual dilemma. At these times, a qualified professional counselor can truly help. If you are going through a challenging phase and can't seem to find the balance in your life, I can help!


I hold diverse national and international educational and work experiences.


I'm an ex-management consultant of a top consulting firm in New York, an entrepreneur, an artist at heart, and a spiritual seeker with over a decade of study of eastern spiritual principles. I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University as well as a Licensed Master in Social Work certificate (LMSW)from the State of New York. I am qualified to work with clients with a variety of issues such as :

I have experience helping a wide group of clients from working professionals, homemakers to students, adolescents and children in both individual and group therapy settings. My focus is on finding a solution and on dwelling on the past only as far as it helps to throw light on the present.


I look forward to working collaboratively with you to help you gain more insight into yourself, and take the next leap forward towards positive change and wellness.