Ph.D University of Wisconsin (Sociology); MSW Hunter College School of Social Work, New York CSW(1991)LMSW License #04-3110

My Expert Service

I have 22 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist as well 8 years as a trained life coach. In addition, I have had an academic career as a professor of sociology who pioneered a course in the sociology of human sexuality and taught it for 25 years. I use cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to help people change their lives by focusing on the experiences, thoughts, feelings and actions that hinder achieving their goals. With addictions or over-indulgence in certain behaviors, the activity may meet certain personal or social needs that can be met in other ways. In substance abuse, certain medications might be helpful as well. I will also teach you to recognize triggers which increase the likelihood of engaging in the troubling behavior, as well as how to create barriers which make it more difficult to indulge. I do not subscribe to the view that one has to "hit bottom" or is helpless in the face of addictions or over-indulgence. That is a view that is counter-productive, even if it is a popular one.

Experience & Qualifications

Clinical Social Worker in mental health clinics and private practice since 1991; Life Coach, trained by MentorCoach,since 2004; Sociology professor at University of California, Santa Barbara and Queens College, City University of New York; Mediator,trained by the Queens Mediation Center, New York City.