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Family Law

Let me help you gain custody of your child!


BA in Psychology and Social Work

My Expert Service

If you are looking to establish child visits, gain full custody, get shared parenting, supervised visits or prevent them, let me help you. I have been in this business for eleven (11) years. Through my work in the child welfare system I have dealt with bad break-ups, messy divorces, mean, angry and vindictive parents and many child welfare issues such as removals and fostercare. I can share with you the bargaining secrets that go on behind courtroom close doors. I know the things that lawyers will not tell you. I know what the judges want from parents. I also know what the guardians, social workers and GAL's are looking for when they come to your home. So, if you want to know what I know take advantage of this opportunity. Let me be clear, I CAN help you with your child custody issue. I also know how to advise a person to prevent custody if that is not in the best interest of a child. So let me help you.

Experience & Qualifications

-11 years experience working in the child welfare system -Numerous court cases in which I mediated, testified, negotiated, acted as a liaison, performed home visits , worked with various parents, even those who sabotage -experience working with single fathers to gain full custody -experience working with thousands of lawyers, judges, delinquent parents, grandparents and juveniles