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Divorce Law

I have experience in Divorce, Child Custody, Court Orders, etc


BS in Legal Studies

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I have experience in legal forms, research and writing. I have experience in criminal and family law. I have over 10 years of experience. Child support. Both parents can become quite upset about the payment of child support; either they believe it is too much (the parent paying it) or too little (the parent receiving it) or could be angry because it never arrives on time or has stopped at all. It can be difficult to communicate with a client if he or she is on the losing side of the dispute. Particularly when they do not understand why they lost, or the attorney believes they will. 2. Child custody. No one in the middle of a custody is happy about the situation, and talking to anyone from the attorneys office can remind them of the circumstances and bring up feelings of anger and resentment towards the other parent. 3. Violation of Court orders. In family law, many orders are issued governing the parties and their behavior. Child support, visitation, payment of school fees or medical bills, division of property, etc. The parties are generally going through a legal battle and are emotional. They may violate orders or become very angry when the other party does. 4. Division of assets. Assets are right behind the children in the cause of dispute between the parties involved in family law cases. Not getting all of the personal belongings one wanted can be upsetting and divorcing couples can sometimes fight about assets for months.

Experience & Qualifications

Bachelors Degree in Legal studeies. I was employed with a criminal and family attorney for over 10 years.