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Hi. I'm available to offer professional advice in regards to criminal law in Australia - particularly in relation to forensic mental health laws and juvenile justice.


Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (2012), Master of Forensic Mental Health (current)

My Expert Service

Hi, my name is Jas and I'd love to help you out with your query about Australian criminal law and / or forensic mental health. I am extremely dedicated to my profession, so even if you feel your query is difficult or you have had problems finding the answers elsewhere, I will go above and beyond the norm to find and relay good, solid advice.

Experience & Qualifications

My current occupation as a freelance writer and researcher (which I have been doing since completion of my undergraduate degree) has enabled me to broaden my knowledge of crime, Australian law and related topics far beyond what I gained from my degree. I have worked on projects covering many topics associated with crime, criminal law, civil law, industrial law, juvenile justice, corrections, mental health law and more. I am also currently completing my Master of Forensic Mental Health.