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Nearly 20 years of professional companion animal expertise at your service.


I am NOT a Vet, and will refer your questions to your vet if needed.

My Expert Service

Doggie need a diet? Is your kitty missing the box? Puppy piddle puddles on the floor? Why does my cat do that? What kind of food is best? What can I do to make my elderly dog more comfortable? Thinking about getting a new pet? What suits your home and lifestyle best? Interested in learning more about Holistic foods? What is the difference between Natural and Holistic? Commercial, raw, or cooked? Recipes? What ever your question I can help. Nutrition is my passion! I have read, and studied, and read and studied! The science is evolving faster than most people can keep up with! I find it interesting that research on our pet foods, help advance human foods! Wildlife advise, also available! I have nurtured many critters back to health and rehabilitated for release back into the wild. Birds, bunnies, and more. If you need advise on anything canine or feline, I'm your girl. Yes, I am well versed in the care of all other small mammals that may be living in your home. Reptiles, snakes, birds, fish... Nah, not my thing. I can probably help you with general questions, but I am far from being an expert on those.

Experience & Qualifications

Being a pet parent my entire life, I developed a passion for learning all about our furry companions. My years of experience in retail may not sound impressive. Please consider that going into a store to ask questions, you WILL be steered to specific products to boost the stores sales. Often there is an alternative to buying a product, or products. I have a special interest in nutrition and have studied it independently for many years. And I promise, the associates at the stores have no clue. All they know is what a food rep told them... That their product is the best and they should suggest it to every customer. My years as a pet parent combined with working in a pet store allowed me to experiment with the various products available. It also taught me much about grooming, general care, animal behavior, and pet training.