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I will help you address any health or medical concerns you have, so you can resolve them quickly and easily. Topics of most experience are relationships, dating, divorce, anxiety.


MBBS,FCPS,Fitness expert,Trainer

My Expert Service

I will answer your health-related condition in simple understandable language. I will clear your doubt about the disease and condition. You are my sincere focus and interest and look forward to making our important connection. I will you offer you exceptional and exceptional skill treatment approach in a compassionate and warm atmosphere. I really understand people. I am open minded and understand that sometimes you just need someone to listen to the things that are on your mind. Enhance your decision-making, control of emotions, social relations and security within relationships. I can advise on questions related to medication(s), disease process, pre-& post-surgical procedure, and treatment plan(s). I am very knowledgeable and empathic and have helped my clients to achieve satisfying relationships and gain poise in their lives.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a medical specialist. I have provided treatment in private practice, recovering domestic violence victims’ individuals with personality disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, obsessions and compulsions, relationship issues, can all be a part of sex issues. I have worked in many aspects/areas within the hospital. I am experienced in helping others discuss the things that they may not be able to talk about out loud. let’s explore the thoughts and feelings you are having in regard to your sexuality. It is my intention to help you find the real you.