My Expert Service


When your daily routine is disturbed by some illness, there is an immediate need to consult a doctor who can not only provide with the correct diagnosis BUT can also answer your queries ,relieve you fears , guide you about the required workup plan , possible treatment and time it will take till you get back to your daily life. I have been TRAINED and have the EXPERIENCE to provide you with all these aspects of health care. Through my questioning I extract as much information as possible that can help me diagnose your ailment . .

I try my best to explain the cause of your illness, in simple understandable language , along with answers to all the queries and misconceptions that you might be having about your illness.

  • I can also help you decide that when a visit to a doctor’s clinic should be urgent AND if you need to have another doctor’s consultation to answer concerns regarding your symptoms, don’t hesitate to discuss with me.
  • I can diagnose as well as rule out chances of having some SERIOUS CONDITION like Cancer or HIV with a set of few relevant questions.
  • Have searched the net for your symptoms and now WORRIED that you might be having some serious disease, DISCUSS WITH ME ,I’ll clarify all your doubts and will put your mind at ease.
  • Already have number of INVESTIGATIONS done and need to understand why they were done and what is their importance in diagnosing and treating your illness , contact me.
  • Started on a NEW DRUG , not knowing its side effects , interactions with other drugs or need dose adjustment , feel free to contact me.
  • If you have complaints or questions related to your

    Talk to me and I will give you the precise diagnosis, based on details you provide and questions I ask.


    Experience & Qualifications

    After finishing my studies at one of leading medical universities of my country ,I gained experience as house physician from MAYO HOSPITAL, a distinguished hospital ,affiliated with KING EDWARD MEDICAL COLLEGE. I then completed my FELLOWSHIP RESIDENCY from a highly esteemed institute of my country and now have the vast experience to deal with all kinds of problems related to a person’s health , regardless of age and ethnic background.

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