Chief Therapist in six clinic practice,Master's Professional Counseling,Psychology, Licensed Therapist,Strategic Intervention Specialist, Producer and Director of Strategic Communication Videos

My Expert Service

25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE.I am a dedicated board certified counselor, strategic intervention specialist and life coach with over 25 years of experience helping couples during the most critical times of their lives. Let me help you navigate through the difficulties in your intimate life and create an action plan to restore the joy of sex for you. All of the work you do in your session will be supplemented by exciting, stimulation and liberating homework. The reality can be better than the fantasy.

Experience & Qualifications

The best part of my education did not come from the universities that I attended-it came from talking to real people like you going through real situations in their intimate relationships and helping them to find practical solutions- six days a week for over 25 years. I have helped thousands of couples communicate better through counseling and my workshops. I have written and starred in Communication Videos designed to help people use communication for success for the PSTN network. I recently appeared on HLN After Dark on the CNN network to discuss the Jodi Arias trial with Dr. Drew