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Respiratory Therapy

I am a pharmacist with Pharm.D degree. I work both as a retail pharmacist and as a Lecturer in University College of Pharmacy.


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As a full time pharmacist, I have helped many patients with their questions.You are having trouble managing your asthma condition?Your condition isn't improving after therapy? Do you have drug interaction questions? Or just needs a second opinion on your prescriptions and drug insurance, I will be more than happy to help you with these questions and more I have over 5 years of combined experience in national chain pharmacy. If you have any question regarding your drugs, let me help you with my experience accumulated over the years. As your pharmacist, here are some of the questions I can help you with. Do you fill multiple prescriptions at different pharmacy and wonders if the interact with each other?What alternative remedies drugs are available that I can take for my condition?Do you want more elaborate pertinent information on your drugs rather than a print out for everyone?

Experience & Qualifications

After finishing my studies at one of leading medical universities of my country ,I gained experience as Pharmacist from MAYO HOSPITAL, a distinguished hospital ,affiliated with KING EDWARD MEDICAL COLLEGE.I am currently a visiting lecturer of Pharmacology in University College of Pharmacy,Lahore.I am also working as retail pharmacist.