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Respiratory Therapy

Expert in Internal Medicine, I can help you with a range of problems. Start chat and hire me when you feel like.


M.B,B.S. F.C.P.S 1

My Expert Service

I am a well qualified Doctor with a lot of passion for my field. Placing patients always first, I find no illness to be of lesser importance. My patients and their discomfort always comes first! Being related to Internal Medicine, you can get advise from me regarding almost anything. Whether its those symptoms you are not sure about or its the illness you were recently diagnosed with. I can also help medical students getting around those tough corners of medical life. I have strong diagnostic skills because I have worked in multiple specialties in a renowned tertiary care hospital. In a live chat session I usually try not to take a lot of time, however I do think listening to the patient is as important so you can hire me after 2 min, during which time you can discuss your problem. However if you want to pay a fixed amount please choose email and discuss how much you are ready to pay. My field of expertise includes, but is not limited to: Infectious diseases Pulmonology Diabetes Gastroentrology Cardiology Emergency Medicine Allergies Neurology Nephrology Psychiatry Endocrinology Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ophthalmology Orthopedics Urology Hematology ENT Rheumatology Surgical problems Dermatology Feel free to get in contact any time!

Experience & Qualifications

1 year of clinical experience in a tertiary care hospital. 3 months of clinical experience in General Surgery 3 months of clinical experience in Orthopaedics 3 months of clinical experience in Urology 3 months of clinical experience in General Medicine