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Expert in:
Respiratory Therapy

Let me help you ease the restriction to your breathing. And balance your health condition to increase the vitality of your life through energy healing.


BA: Psychology-Intuitive Energy Healer. I have seen pain vanish, disabled walking stronger, a minds clutter switched off, digestion flow, and the list is endless. I, however will continue in taking on a variety of health issues that would help others from suffering in silence.

My Expert Service

Does any of the listed topics below resonate as a problem within the physical aspect of your life? If the answer is yes, then please feel free to see what Energy Healing can do for you.

 Digestion  Sleep Problems
 Multiple Sclerosis
 Stress  Knee, back, shoulder
 Healing after Surgery
 Joint pain & Stiffness
 Nerves  Bones  Immune System
 Pain in General
 Headaches  Hips  Eyes And More...

*Energy Healing Sessions done by Cynthia Williams are an alternative support to general wellness and does not take the place of professional care, medical treatments, and or medication. All results are in subject to the clients own interpretation which leaves Cynthia Williams not liable to the outcome of any service purchased or performed.

Experience & Qualifications

 The body is like a computer, it sends and receives information (energy) that is not restricted by the physical aspect of the machine. The more information it receives the stronger the system (protection) will be, and the less affect that geopathic stress fields, restricting thoughts and beliefs (viruses), would have on the physical body (modem). Energy Healing is done though the subtle/ bio field in which information is transferred through an internal antenna and transmitted through a variety of frequencies that may in-turn clear ones electromagnetic field of any distortions (blockages). Distortions within the body’s frequency often manifest illness, pain, and cause disturbance within ones mental and emotional health. Clearing these blockages will cause the body to return to a higher state of vitality, creating a more balanced, and enjoyable life. 

What will you feel during a session?

The sensations will range from tingling, pulling, pulsating, warmth, coldness, pain, pinching, soothing, tightening, electrical, and or calmness. You may also see images or colors within your mind that will contribute to the healing process

What does an energy healing session with Cynthia consist of?

A energy healing session with me whether it is over the phone or in-person is a powerful, exuberant, yet relaxing feeling that resonates within the core of your being. At the start of each session I require my clients to lie down flat in a comfortable position and to listen to meditative music.  I will then begin focusing on the blocked areas within your body and run energy through each section. The energy will mutate the blockages into a healing stream, which will float throughout your body. 

During the sessions, clients focus on what they are feeling, sensing, and seeing, and transmit purifying thoughts to quicken the healing state. You may feel warm and or electric sensations, and your mind may produce videos or images almost as if you were in an awakened dream state. The images that appear (whether intense, scary, awkward, or blissful) should be acknowledged and then freed from within the blockages of your aura. Once a section has been healed to its capacity I focus on the organs, cells, skin, or DNA and go deeper within the person’s vortex to transcend a more intense level of healing. Once the session is complete, I would prefer the client to contact me for a follow up and to arrange further sessions.  

Are you ready to:

  • Renew your physical vitality, Gain a greater personal awareness, Decrease your pain & Rejuvenate your health, Arrange a quiet place and time for your healing/ transformation journey, Schedule a distant healing session.

We are constantly changing, and through this change we can find our natural ability to heal and expand our consciousness as well as our bodies. Cynthia is here to help you find the center of your own healing abilities and to stop restricting, and conflicting thought waves that may be inhibiting your ability to produce a more natural healing existence.