I have professional training/degree in psychology - BS-MS (1999); I have worked as a life coach and psychotherapist since 1996 in South America, as a mental health specialist in California, Arizona and Nevada since January 2002. My most recent degree is a MA in Integral-Transpersonal psychology from John F. Kennedy University. I have worked as a hypnotherapist in my private practice since 1996 and I was also trained and certified as a hypnotherapist in CA in 2003.

My Expert Service

We all need to be physically healthy in order to live, love, relate, grow, learn and ultimately to experience wholeness, fulfillment and peace in life. This physical health cannot happen without taking care of its mental, emotional and spiritual counterparts. Ancestral and holistic approaches of health and medicine as the tools to promote it, did always beheld health as a integral state, product of our whole experience as human beings; namely: body-mind-spirit. To neglect or abuse one, will affect the others, and it will be and illusion to try to promote one disregarding any of the others. Psychosomatic medicine and psychology show how our thoughts and emotions deeply affect and alter our metabolism, physiological systems, including the immune system; from energy level to the experience of pain, from sleep quality, sex life to the very quality of our mental processes like concentration, alertness, insight, memory, etc. Mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, positive imagery and self-hypnosis are some of the tools that can help you to promote your integral health. Physical health will always be the result of how effective we are taking care of our physical, psychological and emotional needs. If you are willing to explore, understand and to take better care of your integral and physical health considering your whole self as a human being, I ‘d love to assist you on working on your psycho-emotional well-being in order to promote your physical and integral health.

Experience & Qualifications

My professional experience was gained working at outpatient mental health clinics, non-profit agencies, inpatient clinics/hospitals, schools, institutes, through my private practice, as well as through workshops, coaching, parenting and self-development groups. I did extensive research in hypnotherapy since the beginning of the 90s. and gained personal and professional experience around multiple and very diverse cultural and social realities through my work experiences in USA, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Europe.