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Stress Management

Sad? Scared? Stressed? Worried? I'd really like to help! I'm a caring Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist. Talk with me! Maybe your first step towards a better future!


I have an undergraduate degree in nursing (BSN-University of Miami). My graduate degree (MSN-Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing) is from the University of Pennsylvania. These are two of the top nursing programs in the US. I am a member of two academic honor societies and several professional organizations related to nursing and to psychotherapy. I have been board certified as an advanced practice nurse in Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing by the American Nurses Association for more than twenty years. I remain current in my field by participating in ongoing continuing education. I am licensed as a registered nurse in good standing in the states of Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Florida. I am an expert contributor to 3 major websites that provide information and support to women with mood and anxiety disorders related to pregnancy and postpartum.

My Expert Service

I love helping people, plain and simple! I chose psychiatric nursing because I had more empathy for those in emotional pain than those in physical pain. I didn't know what it felt like to have a broken leg, because I had never had one. But I could certainly understand what it felt like to feel sad, lonely, upset about a relationship, unattractive, stressed, and anxious, since I had experienced all of these feelings myself at one time or another. I promise to provide the same level of care for you that I would want and expect for myself and people close to me. I am a warm and caring person with a great sense of humor, down to earth and sensitive- so I can’t help but be the same kind of therapist! My nursing background has educated me to "look at" you and your problems holistically, and consider all aspects of your well being-physical, emotional, spiritual, situational, and even spiritual, if that's important to you. I believe in a here-and-now, problem solving approach, and I am an active and involved participant in our work together. I think the decision to engage in therapy takes real strength and is a positive first step towards health and well-being. Let's work with the strengths you do have, your "healthy side," and your own intimate knowledge of yourself. After all, aren't YOU really the best expert on you? If you choose to hire me, you can always expect the utmost in confidentiality, honesty, and compassion from me. I will work with you to tailor your therapy experience so that it will meet your needs. If you want help with an immediate problem, we’ll focus on that. If you want to delve deeper into your feelings or behavior, we can do that, as well. Let’s set up realistic goals with target dates, so that you can stop feeling stuck and isolated, and start feeling like you are getting somewhere. I also know that 9 to 5 is not always the most convenient time to participate in counseling, especially when you're trying to balance work and family, or experiencing distress, so I'm happy to offer flexible hours to ensure that you can get the help you need. Life is too short to go through it feeling sad, helpless, hopeless and alone, isn't it? It IS possible to stop being your own worst enemy. I want to provide the support that will help you change and improve your outlook of yourself, your world, and your future. Self care is not selfish, and starting therapy is a great step towards taking care of yourself and being good to you- both very necessary before you can give to or take care of others. You owe it to yourself to take this opportunity to look inside and try and figure things out. With a little encouragement and lots of support from me, I think you'll learn to like what you see there! An investment in counseling is well worth it. It's an investment in you and your life and you'll love the "returns!"

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 30 years of experience in a variety of settings and roles as a psychiatric nurse. I was educated at the graduate level in family systems therapy and have provided psychotherapy to all ages-individuals, couples, families and groups. I have additional education in psychodynamic, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as women's studies. I have worked on inpatient, outpatient psychiatric units, done crisis intervention with the seriously mentally ill, and mental health home care. I also have a thorough knowledge of psychiatric medications. I held positions as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatric Nursing in the US and Canada for many years before going into private practice in 1997. I have been an invited speaker at many workshops and conferences. I also provide consultation, education (lectures, workshops and conferences) to consumers, the media, and professionals re: stress & depression and their effect on women and families. I have appeared on television and been interviewed by radio and print media several times. Since the mid 80's, as an early "pioneer" on the Internet, I have been involved with providing online counseling and support. I am a published author and often use poetry therapy and journaling in my work with clients. I specialize in women's mental health and the whole spectrum of issues that affect them and those who care about them; PMS, PMADs, infertility, adoption, menopause, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, loss and grieving, intimacy, communication, life and role transitions, relationships, separation and divorce, motherhood, anxiety, stress, anger, assertiveness and self image/self esteem. As a caring colleague, I have particular empathy towards and expertise with helping my fellow nurses cope with job burnout, stress, conflict and emotional issues that can sometimes only be understood by another nurse.