PhD University of Wisconsin MSW Hunter College School of Social Work, New York CSW (1991)and LMSW License (2004) #04-3110

My Expert Service

I have 28 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. In addition, I have had an academic career as a university-based sociologist who pioneered a course in the sociology of human sexuality and taught it for nearly 25 years.
I use cognitive and behavioral approaches to help people change their lives by focusing on the thoughts and actions that hinder achieving their goals. I can counsel those concerned they have a significant psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, those close to them, or people who think someone they know might have such a disorder.
Regarding sexual issues, having taught in the field for decades, I am familiar with research in a wide variety of areas. My approach is non-judgmental and evidence-based.

Experience & Qualifications

Clinical Social Worker in mental health clinics and private practice since 1991; Life Coach since 2004; Professor of Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara and Queens College, CUNY. I have served over 1200 clients on this site since 2010, many of who have been suffering from a mental health problem.