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I am certified health care professional with 7 years' experience in medical education. I am available 24/7 hours to support you in all areas of Medical Education


The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)

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Quality healthcare and transparency in healthcare organizations: building safer systems for better care, building safer systems for better care, a shared responsibility for improving health IT safety, improving the patient and public through information technology, understanding health care work and the role of IT, linkage of IT strategy to organizational strategy, information technology based organizational capabilities, service-oriented architecture for electronic health records, synthesis of information technology strategy, security and safety of medical systems, wireless systems; in e-health, electronic health records, decision support systems in medicine, enhancing medical education through distance learning, desktop IT operations, network it operations, medical business operations, advanced healthcare information security, strategic management of health care organizations, the nature of strategic management, understanding and analyzing the general environment, internal environmental analysis and competitive advantage, directional strategies, evaluation of alternatives and strategic choice, value-adding service delivery strategies, value-adding support strategies, communicating the strategy and developing actions plans, health care organizations accounting, finance and performance analysis, health and wellness, achieving wellness, eating and exercising toward a healthy lifestyle, building healthy relationships, understanding and preventing disease, drug use and abuse, making healthy choices, overcoming obstacles

Experience & Qualifications

Since 2009, … Elder Care Clinic and the … Homeless Clinic, I addressed a wide range of clinical issues facing elderly patients and their care givers, including managing diabetes, glaucoma, and surgical patients. My clinical experience and training enables me to triage patients, conduct patient interviews, propose diagnosis and treatment plans and make referrals for patients who need ongoing specialized or emergency care. I have extensive experience working in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams at the … Care hospital, I used my interpersonal skills in a medical capacity between the patient/caregiver and the staff. These experiences have taught me how to address patients and care givers professionally and respectfully, discuss their concerns, and manage their frustrations. What I cherish most about my role as a clinician and health-care IT manager, is working in collaborations with other health professionals, patients and care givers to address a complex health issue with both clinical and educational tools.