B.A. in Psychology, Clinical Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, Transactional Analyst, Motivational Interview Practitioner, EU Certified Adult Trainer

My Expert Service

I am passionate about people and stories, and how these stories shape lives, homes, cities, and even this planet. I think we, humans, are extraordinary beings, and we have the privilege to witness in our lifetime unprecedented happenings with our planet and species. Psychologically, I believe that we are going through a magnificent awakening and I am proud to be able to contribute to it. I dream about the times when psychology will be taught in schools like reading and writing now. I am amazed about the capacities of the human mind, it's strengths and mechanisms. I have an eclectic, psycho dynamic orientation. I am trained in may counseling related fields, stating with NLP and currently in training to become a psychoanalyst.

Experience & Qualifications

I approach cases from a psychodinamic perspective, I am training to become a psychoanalist and I need to get a lot of information from my clients in order to be able to give them the best service possible. I don't like diagnosis, I believe every person is unique and therefore each individual suffers in his/her own unique way. My client's stories enlighten and enrich me, and I am profoundly grateful to be given the privilege to hear the tales of the extraordinary people that come to me for counseling. I believe there are no shortcuts in treatment, so in order to get lasting results and personality modeling and strengthening, one must undergo a long term process. I also think that short interventions are beneficial and can make a big difference in someone’s life if they are well aimed with a good understanding of the process.