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Compassionate and non-judgemental professional ready to help you with integrative methods to overcome your challenges and get you back to better health.


Functional Blood Analysis, Professional Nutrition, Advanced Naturopathic Food-Healing, Psych-K Practitioner

My Expert Service

Good "Health" and overcoming disease is a combination of many factors. I focus on integrative health, which encompasses natural medicine, nutrition, , the power of functional blood analysis review, the power of our mind and spirit, exercise... looking at the human body in it`s totality. I have been there myself, literally fighting for my life, which was the driving force behind my passion to help others for many years now. "Your Health is your Wealth"... make it a priority and enjoy better long lasting improvements, energy, vitality and happiness.

Experience & Qualifications

I have helped many clients to improve their health dramatically for 10 years now. In addition to private counseling, I teach seminars and classes and have helped train other health practitioners as well. Our seminar attendees and clients give us amazing reviews. More than all my certifications, I have personally used integrative medicine to save my own life for many years, after been given a very small window to live.