Specifically for this role I have a Masters in Psycho-analysis awarded with Distinction and a Teacher's Certificate awarded with Distinction by British Universities. Additionally I have studied at four further British Universities in Theology and Comparative Religion, English Literature and Linguistics, Psychology, and the Sociology of Education. I am certified to teach in the European Union and the United States. I am affiliated to a Lacanian School of Psycho-Analysis and the European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.

My Expert Service

I encourage you to believe you can share with me the issues that are troubling you in a nonjudgemental way. Our friendly collaboration will give you immediate relief from the difficulties you are enduring; a progress that will be sustained by giving you new CBT coping skills that uninstalls dysfunctional thinking and its negative effect on mood which improves your personal and social relationships be they at home, in education, at work or in society. It also equips you to better guide and care for those whom you love or for whom you are responsible.
The issues that you bring can be absolutely anything and always in absolute confidence. As well as my professional experience and academic qualifications I want to emphasise that I am not an ivory tower academic or not only so. I bring to my side of the table, personal real life experiences of the good times and the hard times, with love and happiness, but also with the ordinary need to face the reality of difficulty, distress, even crisis, in the lives of myself, family, very close friends and of course innumerable clients. You will know I understand because I have probably been there already or very close by. .
Fortunately life's Pandora's box of grief and pain need not permanently overwhelm one. Even in the moment of deepest distress the fact that one cannot recall happiness does not mean that it is not there smiling, waiting patiently to be revisited just as the rose is always beautiful even though the eyes be blinded by tears.
We will begin with questions you wish to ask of me, then your narrative of the issues you wish to raise. We will clearly formulate your priorities and the outcome you hope for then help you implement strategies for getting there. It will be your time and your action plan carried out by you. I will have recourse to a tool box of approaches and insights informed by psycho-analysis, current behavioural psychological, brain and genetic research and implemented often by techniques from cognitive analysis and NLP. I may even ask for time out whilst I research the latest understanding of your special issue. I began with collaborative rapport and end by emphasising it. It is our collaboration that enables you but it is YOU that takes responsibility for achieving your goals and being able to create a new beginning - my 500+ testimonials here witness that YOU CAN.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been in Education, Training and Psychology for a lifetime. Until recently,I was employed by the State to support families, their disturbed children and their schools, sometimes over the Internet. I have been deployed by both the Social Services and the Probation Service to support mutual clients including with anger management, marital disputes, family counselling, sexual abuse reparation and by the provision of court reports. I was a Victim Support Counsellor. I hve represented clients at psychiatric and reparation tribunals. I am a member of the Anglican Communion so I can understand a Christian perspective.I have owned a run a business and understand the pressures of commercial life. I have served in the British Special Forces and therefore I am especially sensitive to the issues facing front line forces, their families and veterans.