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Do you want to obtain greater energy, better moods, hormonal balance and improve your overall health? Let me guide you to a better living. Change your life! Let's chat!


Currently in training to become a psychoanalyst and NLP practitioner, Life Coach, Communication Specialist, Business Consultant, BA in Management and Marketing.

My Expert Service

Welcome and thank you for viewing my profile page. I'm here to help those who are determined to get well and stay healthy. My services are holistic, meaning I will treat your body as a whole, paying attention to you, your entire body system, your emotional system and your spiritual well-being. Contact me for further information and I will be more than happy to assist you. Whatever your problems are, it can be solved and getting professional counseling is an important step in this process. Through our discussion I will provide you with the information that will help you feel better, improve your life , make you find the right balance so you can achieve your goals. I will help you understand correctly where you are, where you could be and how to overcome your problems. Are you ready to chat with an experienced, compassionate, emphatic and non-judgmental expert that is ready to listen?

Experience & Qualifications

Over the last 14 years I have provided professional services to individuals and groups dealing from overweight, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks to relationships crises, grief, divorce, time management, communication breakdowns to name just a few. During this time I have experienced myself and learned what is really good for my body. Over the years I have coached my clients to eat right, how to get more micro nutrients, to set the right goals, to plan their meals, tactics, stress and anger management, meditation and relaxation. We all aim to be better and to have more in our lives, and sometimes the right solutions, the answers we seek are just in front of us. Mother nature offers solutions to our problems and I am dedicated to assist other people in their efforts to achieve a sense of well-being and personal growth.