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* DCH: Doctor of Clinicial Hypnotherapy: American Institute of Hypnotherapy

* MSW: Master of Social Work: University Of Oklahoma

* BSW: Bachelor of Social Work: University Of Oklahoma


* BA: Bachelor of Psychology: University Of Oklahoma




My Expert Service


I have many techniques in my toolbox and often combine them as needed. These skills include


* Mental health techniques, guidence, support, cognitve insights and client centered approcahes
* Intuition and Energy Work, similar to Reiki, but what I do is called Theta Healing.


Since some people do not understand Energy Work I'm careful to use it only with your permission. PLEASE ASK IF YOU WANT ENERGY WORK, otherwise I will assume you are expecting the more traditional support and mental health counseling.


Here are some of the issues in which I have over 20 years of experience:


* Sexual Minorities, LGBTQ

* Relationships, Family, Dating, Divorce

* Life Transitions

* Parenting

* Self Esteem

* Aging

* Spiritual Growth

* Adult Survivors of Abuse of all types

* Depression

* Anxiety and Panic

* Understanding how to create a new life you truly want to live

* Grief and Loss

* Women's Issues



Experience & Qualifications

 I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW)  #L6328. My Masters in Social work is the basis for the work I do, and my own personal growth and life experiences are what makes my gentle and straightforward style so unique and effective.


I have over 20 years of exerpience as a therapist in private practice. Five years of that was in a clinic primarily working within the LGBT Community. I later added in various areas of inerest such as intuitive and Energy Work.


I tend to be client-centered in my approach and cognitive based. My sessions are casual and free flowing, supportive and focused on you and what you need to help you get to your next steps toward balance and strength.