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Human being is created by God miracle,created, to heal itself, it is capable of self-healing.This is miraculous, your health is in your hands not doctors.It all starts with w


School health - clinical social worker and pedagogical assistance Nutrition.

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I am licensed in 2006 as a clinical social worker,and I have extensive experience as a therapist, both in social setting with healthy people, and people with disabilities.I encountered cases in which people were afraid or embarrassed to talk about sexual problems they face.I understand that the therapist occupies a very important place to establish trust and confidence of patients, for them to confide easily.Considering that a friend with you they will always have courage to speak. Sex therapy can help alleviate a wide array of issues, both physical and emotional. Before making the decision to visit a sex therapist it’s important to eliminate the possibility that these problems are caused by a physical illness. The gaps between human beings—culture, gender, age, religion—often make it difficult to connect with one another in a healthy social manner, let alone a physical one. Sex today is more visible than ever and the process in which we consume it, engage with it, and ultimately connect with it in a healthy way has changed. This level of visibility has set standards for our own sexuality which can heighten the guilt, embarrassment, anxiety and fear associated with sexual problems. Sex therapy today is more necessary than ever. It allows those who were once isolated by embarrassment to enter into a process which gives them hope.

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- 2006 - School health - clinical social worker and pedagogical assistance - 2007 - "Communication bedside"- after trauma, various diseases, operations and deficiencies.Open dialogue with the patient about any problem of physiological, psychological, mental or emotional. - 2009 - "Communication with the patient and occupational stress"