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Honest and Reliable professional is lecturing in education and tutoring sector for the subjects of Business, Literature, History, Sociology, Marketing, Management and HRM.


B.A Journalism and Political Science, MS Mass Communication, M.B.A (Marketing and H.R.M), Diploma in Public Relations

My Tutoring Service

First off, I believe, a reliable and honest mentor can bring light in any student’s career. With the help of this true guidance, that very student can become prosperous and distinctive professional in his upcoming life. For me, this profession of teaching is way above than any other profession because in this way, a nation can be prepared for any situation. I have been mentoring and tutoring in Marketing, H.R.M, History, Communication Studies, I.R., Pol. Science, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Economics and Journalism since 2010. I am an honest expert and to teach honestly, is my ultimate mission. Particularly, my aim is to provide quality but only quality mentoring and tutoring services. Hence, I won’t let you down with my coaching skills and indeed, you will be proud of my guidelines. Furthermore, I have more than 2000 reviews given by satisfied clients all over the world and you can add one of yours too in this list. Goodluck!

Experience & Qualifications

I have obtained many years of professional experience • Since 2010, a full time expert here on Presto Experts • 4 years of teaching experience • 6 months work experience at a Public relations firm • 3 months experience of working with an Advertising agency • 2 years of experience in writing different articles, columns, scripts, press notes etc. • 2 years experience of working with different societies, organizations and institutes of writing.