B.Sc Civil Engineering M.Sc Mathematics

My Tutoring Service

My Expert Service I have completed my engineering in Civil.I can provide my expert services in statistics,Linear Algebra, Geometry , set theory , numerical analysis , calculus ,partial and ordinary differential equations , integration ,derivation ,number theory ,complex numbers , quadratic equation , Eigen values and Eigen vectors , probability, Determinants, Matrix , permutation and combination , Logarithms and trigonometry. I also have experience in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Material ,Electronic Devices , thermodynamics ,Industrial Automation and Hydraulics.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been teaching statistics,linear algebra,calculus,numerical analysis,applied mathematics and geometry in a reputed engineering university for last two years.I have internship experience in a automobile company as a Civil Engineer for seven years.I can also provide my expert services in core engineering subjects like heat transfer,digital signal processing,control system,fluid mechanics,machine design,machine tool,engineering material,mechanics of material and digital logic design.