ACCA, Master in Business Administration, Masters in English, Engineering

My Tutoring Service

I can provide you best and valuable tutoring services for all educational subjects mentioned below; 1-All type of Business Studies, (Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics, Economics and Strategic Management) 2- Engineering all branches like (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Material, Chemical, Software Engineering) 3-English Literature and Poems 4- IT related: IT projects, AutoCAD, Logo Design and Website Development. 5-Science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology, 6- Social Science, Political Science 7 -Law (Corporate Business Law and Taxation} 8-Psychology and Sociology 9-Islamic Studies 10- Math 11-History 12-Humanities I also offer special mentoring services for Minitab, E-Views, SPSS , Excel, SAS, STATA, Math Accounting and Finance: Cost, management, and financial accounting, Budgeting, Financial modeling, Equity Valuation, Balance sheet, Journal Entries, WACC, Depreciation, Derivatives, International Finance, Investment Planning etc.

Experience & Qualifications

I have a working experience of 4 years as a Freelance Tutor and taught more than 50 subjects. I have also a teaching experience of around 3 years where I used to teach Business and social science subjects.