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Honest tutor is offering guidelines on Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Speech related problems etc. through mentoring/tutoring services.


B.A Journalism and Political Science, MS Mass Communication, M.B.A (Marketing and H.R.M), Diploma in Psychology

My Tutoring Service

In Clinical Psychology, I can teach you in case studies, assessments/diagnosis, DSM, theories of disorders, treatment and preventions plan. I have an excellent command over general psychology including Science of Psychology, Neuroscience, Nature vs. Nurture, Sensation and perception, Emotions, Learning, Memory, Personality, Disorders, Attitudes, Social thinking and Social groups. As far as Abnormal Psychology is concerned, I am expert in guiding for Theories of Disorders, Cause of disorders, Sign/ Symptoms of disorders plus Treatments and interventions. Also, for Social Psychology, I am experienced teacher for handling the topics of Attitudes, Persuasion, Social cognition, Self concept, Interpersonal phenomena, Social influence, Group dynamics and Interpersonal attraction. Regarding the Personality Psychology, you can rely on me for explanation of Personality theories, types theories and Personality Test. Lastly, I have special expertise for Developmental Psychology and Speech related problems. I am very hopeful that my clients would be able to get my excellent coaching services in these areas. Lastly, I want to add "Client Satisfaction" is my real aim and I am trying my best to achieve this mission.

Experience & Qualifications

I have obtained many years of professional experience • Since 2010, a full time expert here on Presto Experts • 4 years of studying experience • 6 months work experience at a Public relations firm • 3 months experience of working with an Advertising agency • 2 years of experience in writing different articles, columns, scripts, press notes etc. • 2 years of experience of working with different societies, organizations and institutes of writing.