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PhD in Psychology provided me in depth knowledge and exposure in this subject. I can teach and mentor in psychology.


Bachelors of Arts (Sociology, Psychology, History)

My Tutoring Service

My belief in honesty and trustworthiness makes me a good mentor and a teacher who aims to make students sparkle in their educational and professional career.I am here to fulfill your educational mentoring requirements.Other than this, I can also provide mentoring services in creative and technical fields and guidance in Research.I'm sure, you will love my method of work.

Experience & Qualifications

I hold multiple degrees in diversified fields of study. I have great experience of working with foreign students and have successfully served thousands of international students from all over the world; specially from Middle East. My experience and knowledge can assure that each of my client will get quality coaching and mentoring service.Working experience with different international organizations has broaden my knowledge and experience to serve at international platform.