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Guidance available for Micro economics, Managerial Economics, Macro economics, Econometrics and international Economics


MA Economics, Bachelor in Statistics

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I am an EXPERT in all areas of economics like Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Managerial Economics, International Economics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Political Economics, Health Economics and Development Economics. I can guide you in understanding various econometrics concepts and methods to crack complex problems. I am good with statistical softwares used in econometrics like sas, stata, eviews, gretl, jmp, minitab etc. I have a good collection of books, ebook, journals with the help of which I can guide my students in their studies.

Experience & Qualifications

More than 7 years of experience in teaching economics, statistics and management students. I have contributed many articles and journals to college magazines and university journals in topics like inflation, poverty, unemployment, economic development etc.