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Masters in Economics and Finance. Graduation in Economics and Finance.

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--Classical Theory
--Output and National Income
--Money and Inflation
--The Open Economy
--Foreign Exchange and the Balance of Payments
--Fiscal Policy and Monetary policy
--Growth Theory
--Business Cycle Theory
--Aggregate Demand and Building the IS-LM Model
--The Mendel-Fleming Model and the Exchange-Rate Regime
--Inflation and Unemployment
--Stabilization Policy


--Demand and Supply
--Consumer Behavior
--Individual decision making
--Profit Maximization
--Pure Competition
--Elasticity and Its Application
--Externalities and Public Goods
--Pricing Policies
--Firm Behavior. Perfect competition... Monopoly... Oligopoly… Monopolistic Competition
--Factors of Production

Econometric s

-- The Nature of Regression Analysis
-- Classical Normal Linear Regression Model (CNLRM)
-- Hypothesis Testing
--Multiple Regression Analysis
--Multi col-linearity
--Hetero scedasticity
--Auto correlation
--Econometric Modeling: Model Specification and Diagnostic Testing
--Dummy Variable Regression Models
--Simultaneous-Equation Models
--The Identification Problem
--Time Series Econometric s


--Frequency Distributions
--Correlation and Regression
--Regression Models
--Hypothesis Testing
--The Sampling Distribution
--The T Distribution
--One and two tailed T sets
--Critical Values for the T Distribution
--Critical Values for the Chi Square Distribution

--Mathematics for Economics and Business

--Economic Development

-- Islamic Banking and Finance

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Masters in Economics and Finance. Graduation in Economics and Finance. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]