Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA). Associate Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA). Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) with major in marketing.

My Tutoring Service

Meeting up all the compulsory education, secondary stage is the final lap on it before college education. Teaching secondary education is never easy there would be different and/ or unique challenges that a teacher may encounter. In this level a teacher is charged to hone students in entering adulthood, teacher may help also to develop good characteristics and behaviour for the students. Teacher must equipped high knowledge and skills to impart students. Student at this level also needs more knowledge and skills and much more with academic field they also need proper guidance to be ready in the college level or the real world after secondary school. I can help teachers and students in secondary school to meet all their needs at this level of education. In curriculum base for teachers I can help them develop lesson plan, classroom management that would include student management. For the students I can help them to understand their lessons in any field and/ or area which they find difficult. I have years of experience in teaching interdisciplinary units like Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, fields of Science, Statistics, English and Literature, History and Geography, and Arts.

Experience & Qualifications

Investor in penny stock since 2010. Freelance business and marketing consultant since 2010. Freelancer on liveperson since February 2012and served over 800 clients. Eighteen months experience of working as an audit trainee in a reputable firm of accountants. One year experience as a teacher assistant (ACCA skill module), where I was regularly involved in preparing and marking test papers and helping students in their studies.