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I am an engineering expert and I would like to guide and teach you the concepts of Elementary as well as College Physics.


B.Tech( Electronics & Communication) , MBA

My Tutoring Service

I can provide guidance and tutoring in Kinematics, 2D Kinematics, Dynamics, Friction, Drag, Elasticity, Stress and Strain, Uniform Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Linear Momentum and Collisions, Statics and Torque, Rotational Motion and Angular Momentum, Fluid Statics and Fluid Dynamics, Temperature, Kinetic Theory and Gas law, Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillatory Motion and Waves, Speech and Sound, Electric Charge and Electric Field, Electric Current, Resistance and Ohm’s Law, Circuits and DC Instruments, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, AC Circuits, Wave Optics and Optical Instruments, relativity.

Experience & Qualifications

Experience: 8 Years , 4 years in Teaching and Education & 4 years in a Reputed Telecom company. Qualification: 1. B.Tech in Electronics & Communication 2. MBA. I am learning new IT technologies now a days.