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Condensed Matter

I can provide help in Solid state Physics and material Science. I can provide assistance in all branches of condensed matter physics.


BS in math and Physics, Master in Physics

My Tutoring Service

I can provide guidance in Mathematics and Physics. I can provide guidance in Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Semi Conductor Physics and Quantum mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, Classical Mechanics, Atomic Physics, Quantum Optics, Nuclear Physics, Digital Electronics, Material Science, Electromagnetism and circuit Electronics. I can provide assistance in Math too. My expertise are Algebra, Differential equation, Calculus and Geometry.

Experience & Qualifications

Worked as Physics Lecturer in various colleges. Teaching assistant (2011-2012) Research Assistant (Oct, 2011 to Oct, 2012). I have done my BS from one the best university in my country. I have master degree in physics from the same institute.