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I provide guidance in Mathematics, Physics, Calculus –I,II,III, Vector, Algebra, Differential Equ, PHYSICS-I,II, Electromagnetism, Modern physics



My Tutoring Service

I am post graduate having vast experience in teaching Physics and Mathematics at various levels including online mentoring for last ten years. I provide high quality guidance and make sure that the material is easily grasped by the client. Having worked for several years at Liveperson I have experienced the level of difficulty the clients face while studying Physics and Mathematics. Over the years I have developed the interest and passion for Physics and mathematics including some of following sections.
Algebra: intermediate algebra, college algebra.
Calculus: Calculus is of particular interest to me including Calculus-I, II and III. Differential, Integral, Series,
Vector: two dimensions and three dimension. Vector makes easy study of geometry. Green, Gauss and Stokes theorems.
Numerical Analysis: Interpolation, Extrapolation, Numerical differentiation, Integration
Operation Research: The tool for maximization, minimization and decision making strategy.
Linear Algebra: Group, Ring and Fields are the abstract type of things.
Differential Equation: Its very interesting field. Be the population growth equation, Heat, Diffusion and Laplace equation.
Complex Analysis: Residue theorem makes that Integration easy that are otherwise very difficult to evaluate.

Mechanics: Motion in straight line, projectile motion, Newton Laws, rotational motion, gravity etc.
Heat: basic principles, Carnot cycle etc.
Light: laws of reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, polarization.
Wave: different types of wave, sound waves, standing waves etc,
Electrostatics: Coulomb’s Law, Gauss law, Faradays law, Amperes law, EM waves etc,
Electrodynamics: Magnetic field, Maxwell’s equations, EM waves. Modern Physics: Bohr Model, Shell model, Schrodinger equations and its applications.
The list mentioned is not exhaustive; I can provide appropriate guidance for middle and higher level including engineering Physics and Mathematics.

Experience & Qualifications

I have more than 10 years of teaching experience at higher levels.I have gained rich experience in tackling the problem faced by the students and emphasize on concepts. I encourage the students to focus on concepts by which they get much confident. I have taught at various institutions and coaching classes for civil services and engineering and medical students.