umath Away
Tutor in:
Linear Algebra

My expertise area in linear algebra is matrices, linear independent and linear dependent,Gauss elimination linear equation,eigen value and eigen vectors,linear transformation.


M.Sc(mathematics), PhD in Mathematics

My Tutoring Service

Linear algebra can be intriguing when the problem seems an obscure questions and the solution becomes hand shelled. It is then that you need an expert to guide you through. I work towards well explained step by step problem solving. I help provide solutions for problems in the easiest possible ways keeping in mind the ease and comfort zone of the students. I find my difference as a mentor in being able to foresee the problems faced by a student and provide solutions that are easy to grasp. I emphasised more on problem solving skills like to solve case study problems, word problems

Experience & Qualifications

I have seventeen years of experience in academic field in classroom teaching and mentoring. Research has been my core interest in all these years. My area of research and interest has immense scope in future developments in mathematics. As an academician my great strengths in the area of mathematics lie in the subject like algebra, statistics, calculus, ordinary and partial differential equation, numerical methods, complex variables etc. My main concern is to guide the student for which they can understand the problem clearly with its application. I have expertise in the mathematics tools in which the problems can be solved easily