karvy Away
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Linear Algebra

Consult for mentoring in Linear algebra . Specialization in teaching and learning methodology.


Gold medalist In M.Sc(Mathematics).Ph.D

My Tutoring Service

I taught Engineering Mathematics Including Algebra,Calculus,Linear Algebra,Geometry,Set Theory,Statistics,Trigonometry,Logic,Number Theory,Graph Theory,Relativity,Complex Analysis,Probability,Operation research.I provide tutoring expert service upto satisfaction of my client .I teach math and statistics also familiar with mathematical software like Matlab,Tora,solver,Mathematica ,Datadisk,SPSS.

Experience & Qualifications

More than 12 years of teaching experience to various level of students in different universities(Particularly technical students).10 years of teaching experience through online program..Guided more than 2000 project works on Mathematics field in last 10 years